quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

~ In a Dark Lonely Night ~

[Ignore the low quality of the picture taked by me]
Dark lonely night,
Please tell me how to live without you
Because I can't take it anymore.
This darkness made of lies,
make me suffer,
make me feel alone,
There's nobody to trust,
Nobody to hold you,
I'll have to leave alone,
Is there someone to catch me?
And take me to the light,
to the light of hapiness,
I'll start this search
with all my forces,
and TRUST.
trust in myself,
in my potential,
I'll keeping the faith,
that someone, someday will stay by my side,
Someone that I can trust,
to share all the secrets, adventures,
and finally
change the lonely,
but keeping the dark...
for a dark and lovely night.

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  1. Really nice poem! I think most people could relate to this!